Declutter, Organize & Consign

Confront your clutter, shed the excess, define your personal style, and learn to live with less.

Closet Therapy™

$90/hour (3 hour minimum)

Let's connect on a quick call to discuss your needs & scheduling details! Hours needed will be based on the size of your closet.

This service operates within a 30 mile range from Providence. Projects at a further distance will be accepted on case-by-case basis at a higher hourly rate.

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Who you are:

Your closet is cluttered with clothes you barely wear, yet you feel overwhelmed by all the options. That bodycon dress from college, online pandemic purchases new with the tags on, that sweater from your crazy aunt you’ve felt too guilty to give away, hand-me-downs, and so much more. You’ve lost track of what you own and where it is.

When you have too many options, it can often feel like you have nothing to wear. Getting dressed should be fun and empowering, not overwhelming and self-deprecating! And whether you realize it or not, this clutter extends beyond the physical and affects your mental health creating a stressful environment. Together, let’s strip away the excess, uncover your dream closet, and set you on the path of conscious consumerism.

What to expect:

— A non-judgmental, empathetic partner holding you accountable through this process

— Decluttering: identifying what you LOVE and letting go of the excess

— File folding lesson & thoughtful re-organization of your hanging and folded clothes

— We will explore the depths of sentimental attachment, fear of the future, and the guilt of waste.

— Evaluate your shopping habits, define your personal style & share easy tips to become a more conscious consumer.

— Sorting & removal of all discards: closet consignment, items for donation & textile recycling 

Opportunity to consign your closet at The Nest!

— Access to our trade discount at The Container Store.

“Most of my clients are going through a major life change. They either just moved to a new home, shifted career paths, or recently went through a breakup. This is the perfect time to reevaluate and prepare for your next chapter.”

— Charlotte von Meister, Co-Founder of The Nest & Certified KonMari Consultant™

Closet Consignment

During our Closet Therapy™ session, we'll sort your discards into 3 channels: resale, donation & textile recycling. Your resellable items are eligible to be consigned and sold at The Nest's retail store in Providence, RI!

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