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Our Mission

Elevate & Incubate Sustainable Style

For years, the fashion industry has been locked in a toxic cycle of overconsumption and wastefulness at the expense of our communities and our climate. We're on a mission to change that.

Our hot take? Reject the cycle of new, now. Discover your unique secondhand style with pieces that have a story without compromising the health of our planet.

At The Nest, we put community first! Our secondhand showroom is a gathering space for likeminded individuals to join an inclusive community as we encourage each other and collectively shift our mindset to become more conscious consumers. We host workshops and events partnered with local small businesses, creatives, and experts. To make sustainable shopping easier for our community, we offer a curated collection of secondhand and vintage goods available to shop in-store and online.

We're here to delight, inspire, and educate.

Meet the Founders

Charlotte von Meister

Charlotte von Meister is the Co-Founder of The Nest. She's on a mission to show people that they can be stylish and sustainably-minded while also supporting their community.

Charlotte earned a degree in Fashion Marketing and Management from Savannah College of Art and Design before moving to New York City, where she gained entrepreneurial experience working at the ground-level of two different start-up fashion brands.

Charlotte has always loved the power of fashion to express style and authenticity, but in 2019 she grew fed up with the wastefulness of the industry and pivoted into professional organizing. After completing her KonMari Method™ certification, she started a new career path helping people shed the excess in their lives, rather than pushing consumption.

Charlotte is excited to use The Nest as a platform to share her passion for intentional living and show people that they can learn to live with less without sacrificing anything.

Danielle Sturm

Danielle Sturm is Co-Founder of The Nest. Her deep passion for secondhand clothing and thrifting–mixed with a love for the local and underground art scene–has led to a personal mission to change people's mindset of how we consume and support our local communities.

Danielle graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Sports, Entertainment, and Event Management and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Johnson & Wales University Providence. She got her start working in marketing and communications for startups and nonprofits in the medical technology and life science industries. Through her work, she has also produced two podcast series.

Danielle has interest in encompassing communication and culture, specifically through how music, sound, art, and history bring communities together. At The Nest, she has found the perfect avenue to successfully connect people over a sustainable cause and create a community of inclusion, culture, and fun.


Meet the Collective


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