Do you accept consignment or donations?

We are not a consignment store. Most of our secondhand and vintage inventory is sourced by The Nest, allowing us to keep our prices lower than the average consignment store.

If you are looking to consign discarded items with us, you can explore becoming a decluttering & organizing client with us where we work with you to declutter your home and intentially choose items we consign for you at our store.

Currently, we do not accept donations. Please come to one of our clothing swaps to discard your clothing excess and swap clothing with our community.

We do accept applications to be a vendor of handmade goods and art 3 times a year. Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified when our vendor applications open.

How do I vend my handmade goods or art at The Nest?

We accept applications vend vendor goods at The Nest 3 times a year. We look for local artisans, artists, designers, and creatives to vend their items at The Nest.

Subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of this page to be notified when our vendor applications open.

Where do you source inventory from?

We source our inventory from estate sales, our decluttering sessions, flea markets, garage/yard sales, secondhand stores, and more!

Return Policy.

All sales are final.

We are extremely mindful of packaging of our items carefully for transit and check to make sure items are not defective when packaged.

If you are purchasing a breakable item, we highly recommend the USPS Priority Mail shipping option that includes insurance to cover transit.

Once orders are shipped, the package is out of our control. If the package is missing but marked as delivered, or the package arrives defective, please contact the shipping carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx) directly to file a claim.