Beyond Discounts: The Nest's Guide to Mindful Black Friday Shopping

by The Nest on Nov 20, 2023

Beyond Discounts: The Nest's Guide to Mindful Black Friday Shopping

We are open for normal hours this Black Friday & Small Business Saturday weekend!  Come visit us 11am-7pm everyday. 

As we all head towards Black Friday, we hope to share a powerful message against overconsumption and instead advocate for mindful and intentional purchasing that align with environmental and ethical values. Black Friday fosters a culture of excessive consumption and promotes short-lived trends. This annual shopping frenzy not only encourages impulse buying but also perpetuates the throwaway culture that sustainable businesses strive to counteract. We understand that this shopping holiday is a great way for many people to buy things they’ve wanted or needed at more affordable prices — but with that being said, we urge you to shop thoughtfully. Don’t just buy it because it’s on sale.  

How can you participate consciously?

🌎 Shop Secondhand: Instead of getting caught up in the frenzy of mass consumption, we urge you to consider the impact of your choices. By shopping secondhand, you are choosing to support the environment by upcycling existing products instead of adding to the demand of new manufacturing, which strips our world of its natural resources. Every purchase you make is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.

🌟 Buy an Experience: When you want to make a impulse purchase, stop and think about saving your money for a future experience with friends! The dopamine hit from making memories with your friends and family or learning a new skill lasts much longer than a one time purchase. Explore our slow fashion events and workshops and/or purchase a giftcard to use for an experience at The Nest.  

🧵 Embrace Slow Fashion: Attend a slow fashion workshop, learn an upcycling skill, or elongate the lifecycle of your clothing by getting it tailored or mended to best fit you.  Explore our tailoring services or purchase a gift card for the service.

👕 Shop Local or With Sustainable Brands, if you Need to Buy New:  Shop with local businesses first.  And if you cannot find it locally, buy with sustainable brands.  Search to see if the companies you are buying from are transparent in their brand values and initiatives.  You can usually find this information on their website.  

🌟 As a treat for our Nest Community, when you shop in-store this weekend (Friday-Sunday) receive 20% off your entire order when you buy a Nest T-Shirt. This promotion allows you to buy only what you need/want from us while choosing to support and promote our sustainable brand. All of our merch is printed locally on secondhand cotton tees.