How is Decluttering Sustainable? The More Clutter We Have, The More Waste We Produce.

by The Nest on Jun 01, 2023

How is Decluttering Sustainable? The More Clutter We Have, The More Waste We Produce.

Decluttering forces you to take a closer look at your spending and living habits, which can help identify ways to cut costs, reduce your waste output, and make updates to consume less energy.  The more things we own, the more we forget what our favorites are.  When we have so many options, we try to give everything special attention which can be overwhelming.


Decluttering is self reflection.  Decluttering presents the opportunity to reset and refresh both your space and your mind.  By taking stock of what you own, you're able to confront your inner consumerist and build a more intentional relationship with your belongings.

“Most of my clients are going through a major life change. They either just moved to a new home, shifted career paths, or recently went through a breakup. This is the perfect time to reevaluate and prepare for your next chapter.” — Charlotte von Meister, Co-Founder of The Nest & Certified KonMari Consultant™


Things hold energy.  Decluttering helps release energy that no longer serves you in your current chapter — creating room for growth.  Ask yourself:

  • Are you holding onto something that doesn't fit you?
  • Would you ever wear it out of the house?
  • Does it spark a negative or positive memory?
  • Are you holding onto it out of shame or obligation?

 "Most Americans wear only 20% of their closet." -Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner


One of the most common question we get asked during a session is, "Where did this all come from?"  The pandemic and rise of social media has caused a surge in online shopping, and overconsumption.

People often:  

  • Find a hit of dopamine and instant gratification from shopping. 
  • Get hand-me-downs thrust upon them & feel guilt of discarding gifts.
  • Are uncomfortable with empty space and feel rush to fill it
  • Feel attached to souvenirs, when the memory is enough. You don't need a physical reminder.
  • Are overwhelmed and do not have the time to actually process a return or donate discards.

One of the most common questions we get asked during a session is:  

What to expect from Closet Therapy, The Nest's signature Decluttering Service.  After decluttering, you'll be shocked by how much you own and how much of it you don't use. When you confront your clutter, you confront your consumption habits and move forward as a more conscious consumer.  By booking a session:

  • You are engaging in an act of self care with a nonjudgmental & empathetic guide.
  • A professional organizer holds you accountable through the decluttering process while offering unbiased support. 
  • You don't have to worry about taking care and donating all the discards.
  • We remove of your discards and then redistribute to the proper resale, donation, & textile waste channels.
  • Ultimately, leaving you with the feeling of a fresh, new start and knowing nothing will end up in a landfill!
  • Also, we can consign the discards that will sell in our store.  Making you some money back.

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