Closet Therapy™ Sessions with Melanie Waugh

by The Nest on Dec 07, 2022

Closet Therapy™ Sessions with Melanie Waugh


Melanie Waugh welcomes The Nest into her Providence, RI home for a Closet Therapy™ Decluttering Session.  She shares with us how she over consumed clothing during the pandemic, using online shopping as an outlet to express herself while being stuck inside. But, ultimately, ended up with too many clothes, many never leaving her closet.  Describing her style as eclectic, colorful, & comfortable, you can shop Mel’s closet at The Nest.

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In-person at The Nest, 1155 Westminster St., Providence, RI | Fri-Sun, 12-6pm

What’s Closet Therapy™?

Confront your clutter, shed the excess, define your personal style, learn to live with less, and consign at The Nest.  

Who you are:  Your closet is cluttered with clothes you barely wear, yet you feel overwhelmed by all the options. That bodycon dress from college, online pandemic purchases new with the tags on, that sweater from your crazy aunt you’ve felt too guilty to give away, hand-me-downs, and so much more. You’ve lost track of what you own and where it is.

When you have too many options, it can often feel like you have nothing to wear. Getting dressed should be fun and empowering, not overwhelming and self-deprecating! And whether you realize it or not, this clutter extends beyond the physical and affects your mental health creating a stressful environment. Together, let’s strip away the excess, uncover your dream closet, and set you on the path of conscious consumerism.

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About The Nest

The Nest is a sustainable fashion collective fighting the toxic cycle of overconsumption and textile waste through decluttering services, our secondhand store, community events, and educational workshops.

Together, we inspire authenticity and sustainability by shifting mindsets, encouraging slow consumption, and ultimately diverting textile waste out of landfills.